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3350 Hopyard Road, Pleasanton, CA, 94588, US

Phone: (925) 462-0938


Program Days and Times
Part Day 9 AM - 3:15 PM, Full Day 7 AM - 6 PM
Preschool Fees: 2016-2017 School Year
Full Day Schedule (7:00am–6:00pm)
All classes with 1:12 ratio
2:12 ratio class (2 to 3-year-olds)

5 Day: Monday to Friday *

3 Day: Monday/Wednesday/Friday

2 Day: Tuesday & Thursday

* The Pre-Kindergarten/4 to 5-year-old classes are Monday to Friday only.

Part Day Schedule (9:00am-3:15pm)
All classes with 1:12 ratio
2:12 ratio class (2 to 3-year-olds)

5 Day: Monday to Friday *

3 Day: Monday/Wednesday/Friday

2 Day: Tuesday & Thursday
Special Programs: Chapel, Soccer, Lego, Tumbling, Christmas Program, Family Fun Night, Family Movie Night
Teacher to Student Ratio
2 – 3 Year Old Class 2 teachers to 12 students
3 – 4 Year Old Classes 1 teacher to 12 students
4 – 5 Year Old Classes 1 teacher to 12 students
Meals Provided By
Breakfast: Home
Morning Snack: School
Lunch: Home
Afternoon Snack: School
Additional Information
St. Clare's Christian Preschool – Our philosophy at St. Clare’s is to prepare the children for Kindergarten by helping them develop social and emotional skills (taking turns, transitioning from one activity to another, playing with friends, developing language etc), confidence and independence. We also prepare academically for Kindergarten, particularly in our 4 – 5 year old classes, which is when we consider the children are ready, developmentally. We introduce a writing program (Handwriting Without Tears, about 10 minutes a day), a pre-reading program (Zoophonics), and a more formal social and emotional curriculum (Second Step). Even in the 4 – 5 year old classes we leave plenty of time for free play, both inside and outside class, so children can continue to develop their play skills and creativity before they settle into the more academic culture of elementary school and beyond.

Opportunities are provided daily to develop large and fine motor skills, music awareness and artistic expression, and math and science activities in a developmentally appropriate atmosphere.

Our program also includes a spiritual element. We welcome children of all faith to St. Clare’s so we keep a light touch on this part of our program. We talk to the children about God loving us all, about prayer for those we love, we tell some simple bible stories and sing a song and do a dance. This all takes place on Wednesday morning (for about 20 minutes) in our Church which is right alongside the Preschool. We take the children into the Church because we want them to learn that we behave differently in a holy place, than we do in class or on the playground.

St. Clare’s Christian Preschool has been serving the community since 1989. Check out our Yelp reviews.


This preschool is a gem. My first son graduated from St. Clare's and his experience really prepared him for TK. The teachers are warm and friendly and care so much about making sure the children's development comes first. The kids classrooms and playgrounds are perfect for them to grow and learn. My second son will be graduating from here soon and I can't thank the teachers and staff enough for really creating a safe, fun, learning and growing environment for both my boys with lots of wonderful memories!

— Aileen B.

We love this school so much. The teachers are all amazing here they're doing a great job in nurturing the little ones. Ms.Karen and Ms.Deepa are soo good at managing the school. We felt safe to send our little one during the Covid time. They've taken all the measures to keep the children safe.

— Ashwini ..

Great school with very good facility and teachers. Mrs Karen and team had such a positive influence on my elder one that we also send our younger here. They both love the school, made good friends and have built confidence in everything. Both my kids have so many lovely memories and we feel really safe sending our kids here.

— Rohan K.

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