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920 Diablo Road, Danville, CA, 94526, US

Phone: (925) 837-4238


Larson's Children's Center has been educating children since 1963. Our center is a developmentally planned play based program. It is our hope that your child's experience at Larson's will be a time for positive growth, learning, and development. We are here to provide encouragement for the children to learn new skills that will prepare them to succeed in all academic and developmental areas.


We started our son at the infant center at just 6 months and he "graduated" at 2 to move to the children's center. He's now been there for 6 months. I can't say enough great things about this school. From extraordinary 2:1 attention at the infant center, from teachers who literally taught me how to parent, to the children's center where so many teachers care for my son, help him through every transition, and make him feel comfortable and do happy every day, larsons is just the best! When he had a bit of a hard time transitioning, they were there with solutions and hugs and reassurance. As two working parents, we're so glad to know we can have our son in one fantastic school all the way through his preschool years.

— Brooke P.

We absolutely love Larson's and have had two kids there for over two years each!

The teachers are so sweet and caring. They really go the extra mile to make sure each child thrives. My son is extremely shy and they have been so supportive of him along the way. It's been a dream to watch him build confidence and come out of his shell.

I LOVE that they take care of the meals. It's one thing off my plate and the kids are eating healthy, balanced meals.

They have an awesome pick-up option after elementary school so I don't have to do the mid-day switch which is tricky as a working parent.

I also think they nail parent comms. We get a weekly newsletter so I know what to probe my kids about and they are so thoughtful about the curriculum and activities to keep it engaging.

— Kate D.

We feel incredibly lucky to have found Larson's 3 years ago for our son. We moved to Danville during the pandemic, July 2020, when childcare overall was a challenge. Larson's did a phenomenal job being transparent and diligent navigating the fluidity of COVID to ensure child/staff safety.

Our son had challenges with his emotions at 2 years old. Larson's partnered with us to ensure we were all on the same page and to have a plan for him as we worked together. He has made leaps and bounds since then and can articulate his feelings, rather than acting out.

The staff are the shining stars of it all. Every morning and afternoon you are greeted with warm smiles. If a kid is having a hard time at drop off, they are comforted with some loving hugs or an activity to assist mom/dad/caregiver getting out the door. If your child is in a bad mood/grumpy at drop off, the teachers have this magical way of redirecting your child to a happier disposition. It is such a positive, loving, and caring environment that is apparent from the time you enter the door.

On top of the loving and caring, they operate as a school does and have well planned out themes for the curriculum each week. We receive a weekly newsletter with all the details for each class (they are broken up by ages) and the upcoming birthdays and staff anniversaries. The communication is impeccable! They also offer enrichment classes for those who wish to have their children participate in.

If you are looking for a safe, fun, loving learning environment for your child, Larson's is the place to be. It's not only a great place for your child to thrive and create wonderful friendships, it's a place that treats you like you're family.

— Teresa T.

We feel so lucky to have found Larsons. We've been a part of the Larsons community for almost 4 years now and both my daughters have so much fun, come home talking about their days and what they learned, and have met sweet friends. In those off mornings when my 3 year old is giving me a hard time, one or more of the teachers immediately come over to help and my daughter happily goes to them for a welcome distraction and hugs. The communication is amazing and Larson's is now offering enrichment classes which is just a bonus.

— Courtney R.

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