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1 Saint Vincent Drive, San Rafael, CA, 94903, US

Phone: (415) 481-1243


Given the changing needs of our children and world, it becomes imperative to re-examine everything we previously assumed about education. Where once schools and parents had similar goals and expectations for children, today parents’ hopes and priorities for their children have moved beyond the child “getting the right job” to achieving an overall high quality of life.

Witnessing the growing concern of children who are ill-equipped for learning intersect with the traditional education system which has become overwhelmed and unable to adapt, a bold response is indeed required. Caulbridge education began as a desire to step back, and to answer the more fundamental questions: “What is an ideal education for our time, for the children before us today? How can we break the cycle of dysfunction? Could we start with an intention to raise happy, healthy children?” Finding the answer to these questions within both, current research and collective wisdom, we opened our first school in Marin, California as part of a larger social mission to build a network of Caulbridge Schools.


Our son was having incredible difficulty at his previous school. The pressure on him was so great, every night after school he would resist going to bed then scream in his sleep for hours. It was painful to watch as a parent, and heart breaking not knowing what to do.

Then we found Caulbridge.

Wow - we can't express enough gratitude. As soon as our son began attending Caulbridge, the change was instant. He is happy, excited to go to school, a whole level ahead now, and he tells me we have to hurry up and get to bed so he won't be late for school!

Every day we pick him up, I ask, "How was school today?" He keeps saying each time, "Today was the BEST day of school I have ever had." To top it off, he sleeps solid now, every night. What a relief.

This school has such an incredible yet simplistic approach to education - an approach that the children (and parents) of our time are deep need of. Thanks Caulbridge!

— James K.

I am positive I'm not alone in my concern that my children were going to fall critically behind during the pandemic. School via Zoom was a complete nightmare for all my kids but was particularly difficult for my then 5th grader. He felt "stupid", confused and frustrated. I had already lost faith in our public school system by this time so I pulled my children out to homeschool. We loved many moments of this process but I felt something was missing. Through a conversation I was having with friends I found out about Caulbridge. It sounded too good to be true- "Could there actually be a school which combines the freedom and practicality of homeschool but also provides strong academics?" I was doubtful but I scheduled a tour anyway. Once I stepped foot on campus, met Debra and learned about the schools educational process I knew I had to do whatever I could to ensure my children could become part of this community. They began school on September 8th 2021 and every day since then their confidence has grown and continues to grow exponentially, they smile and laugh with their peers, they're engaged, driven and genuinely thriving. I feel such immense gratitude toward Debra and the entire staff at Caulbridge its impossible to verbalize that gratitude completely. If you're on the fence schedule a tour, you'll fall in love.

— Hayley K.

"To be honest, I was nervous about moving our son, Valentino from public school to private school. My wife really felt Val needed a change because he wasn't learning. But we had spent a lot of time establishing his IEP and I felt that we might not get the attention he needed in private school. I was completely wrong. Caulbridge School is such a better fit for our son. He is actually learning! And he enjoys going to school now. We couldn't be happier."

— Melissa A.

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